Workplace Based Assessment Requirements

(from August 2020)

CATS – Care Assessment Tool

CBDs in primary care are replaced by CATs. CATs is a generic term for a range of formats for assessing capability in primary care and include:
  • Case based discussions
  • Random case review (selection of a case at random for review)
  • Leadership activities
  • Prescribing assessment follow up (review of the trainees prescribing assessment).
  • Consultations assessments (that are not COTs)
  • Referrals review (review of trainees referrals)
  • Other e.g. debriefs, review of investigation or imaging use, follow up of QIP

More details about these assessments can be found here :

Interim Educational Supervisor Report (ESR)

For trainees where there are no concerns regarding progress in training, you will now have a ‘light touch’ interim review instead of a full ESR at the midway point of each year. 
You will meet with your ES at the 6 month point of the training year and together review your progress since your most recent ESR, and the training requirements which will need to be completed before your next annual ESR. 
It is essential that you check with your ES in advance as to whether you need to have a full ESR or whether an interim review will suffice.

The interim ESR is only appropriate to use between annual ESRs and when there is no ARCP scheduled within the next two months. The interim ESR meeting should review progress and ensure that you are well supported. The ES should ensure that there is evidence of appropriate progression in each of the Capabilities across the Clinical Experience Groups appropriate to your placements and stage of training.

The Interim ESR is a formative process to ensure you are on track to achieve ‘satisfactory progress’ at your next ARCP. If during this review your ES has concerns that you may not achieve this, then they will consult the local educational team to decide if a full ESR is required.
You cannot have an interim ESR if:
  • Your most recent ARCP was an outcome 2 or 3,
  • The panel asked for a full ESR at your most recent ARCP,
  • You have a newly identified or previously declared Significant Event (GMC threshold of potential or actual serious harm to patients, not a Learning Event Analysis), complaint or other investigation which have not been resolved since your most recent ARCP i.e. any declaration made on the last Form R (or SOAR in Scotland) which is outstanding.

The interim ESR form is also not suitable if the ES has any concerns about your progress. This should include any of the following concerns: 
  • If concerns raised at a previous ESR have not been resolved.
  • Not all of the expected Workplace Based Assessments (WPBA) have been completed.
  • There are concerns over the ‘Level of Supervision’ needed, or your performance in WPBA tools.
  • There have been concerns identified about a lack of engagement in the Portfolio or additional concerns have been highlighted by the local education team or supervisors in the 'Educator Notes' section.
  • An initial review of the Portfolio suggests that there are insufficient high-quality links made to demonstrate progress in all of the 13 Capability areas.
  • An initial review of the Portfolio suggests a lack of exposure to the curriculum, or (after considering the jobs undertaken) a lack of exposure across the breadth of the Clinical Experience Groups

If any of these conditions apply, then a full ESR should be completed which will include a self-assessment against each Capability and a review of the evidence for each area by your Educational Supervisor.