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To avoid problems at your final ARCP it is strongly recommended you check through the list carefully.


This checklist spells out the common pitfalls that cause problems on the day of final ARCP e.g. CPR certificate not stating AED training.

Final ARCP Checklist

Applying for Your Certificate of Completion of Training (CCT)


1) Apply to be placed on the GP register.

The GMC should email you 2-3 months before your anticipated CCT and invite you to apply via the GMC website.

Log in then go to 'My Registration', then 'My Applications'


2) Update your indemnity status with your defence union


3) Apply for your performers list status to be updated from trainee to fully registered GP via your local primary care support england team.

You will require a copy of your CCT and your updated indemnity certificate.


4) Choose an annual appraisal system (MAG form, Clarity or RCGP)